Day 15 – The Borzcik Compound

With just a short drive planned for the day, we were a bit more leisurely than usual with our wake up and break down of camp. Though, since there was no running water or bath houses at the campground, we still made it on the road before 8:30 AM.  Soon, we were driving through the quaint downtown of Leland, MI — reminiscent of Chatham, MA — and pulling into the Borzcik Compound.

1a - Entrance

At the end of the wooded driveway, we were greeted by two of Patrick’s coworkers – Joni and Sean – as well as Joni’s family, including three adorable kids running about.  After introductions, we headed out on the water.  After crossing the lake, we made our way through a cozy canal back into the downtown area.

2 - Boat Ride2a - Boat Ride2b - Boat RideOnce docked, we walked over to the historic Fishtown area.

3a - Fishtown3b - FishtownWe decided on Rick’s for lunch — mainly because of their great waterside patio, but also because of their infamous “Chubby Mary.”  This was, apparently, a must-do for anyone visiting the area and so Ally volunteered to get the concoction.  It’s a standard Bloody Mary, but with the addition of a smoked Chub.  Although you could say Ally took one for the team, it was actually quite enjoyable and we’d definitely get one again.

3c - Fishtown (Ally)

Joni and Sean made great tour guides, telling us all about Lake Leelanau as well as the Leland area – including the “Leland Tugboat,” which is incorporated into many of the signs around town (and even Joni’s sandals!).

3d - Fishtown
Pictured: Leland Harbor.  Not Pictured: A “Leland Tugboat.”

The ride back brought more sunshine and some great views of gorgeous homes.

4a - Boat Ride4b - Boat Ride4d - Boat RideThe afternoon was equally relaxing.  We took a spin on two of Joni’s family’s SUPs – Stand Up Paddleboards – and explored a bit of the shoreline.  Surprisingly enough, we both stayed dry!  (This was not a guarantee since we were battling wave after wave from the passing waterskiing boats!)

Cocktail hour began promptly at 6 PM – a longstanding Borzick tradition – with wine, cheese, and crackers out on the deck.  At 7:30 PM, everyone moved inside for a delicious family dinner (with 11 of us tucked around a large table) and ice cream for dessert.

5 - Sunset

The adults wrapped up the night playing a hilarious game of Monikers – a combination of Taboo, Catch Phrase, and Charades.  (Very similar to the game “Celebrities,” for those familiar with that.)  We enjoyed a beautiful moonrise and were off to bed.

6 - Post Game Moonrise
Photo Credit: Sean D. Flaherty

It was the first night of the trip we were not in the tent!  We miss you Turtle, but we’ll see you tomorrow.

7 - Group (END OF ARTICLE)
Thanks, Sean and Joni, for a wonderful visit!

Montague, MI to Leland, MI – 130 miles (2.5 hours)

-Ally and Patrick

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