Day 12 – Iowa. Just kidding, I paid the bill.

Once awake, we began our trek south.

The halfway point was Minneapolis, so we targeted a brewery in the city for lunch.  The morning’s drive was pretty much all rain but, thankfully, this was the first time all trip we’ve had large quantity of rain during the day.

1 - Surly Brew Co

In Minneapolis, we found our way to “Surly Brewing Company” – a place that came highly recommended (thanks Jimmy Aseltine and Jeff Meyer!).

1a - Surly Brew Co

We felt it had a very similar vibe to Stone’s Escondido operation, which was probably the goal.

1c - Surly (Awards)

Great outdoor space, paired with a good variety of beer, with delicious food to boot.

1b - Surly (Inside)

We opted for two different types of IPAs and split an order of “hog frites.”  The combination of smoked pork, pepper jack fondue, and giardinera was delicious!

1d - Surly (Meal and Beer)

With our hunger addressed, we drove through the University of Minnesota campus quickly, found some Surly beer for sale (MN law prevents Surly from selling on site themselves), and we were off to Iowa.

2 - Welcome to Iowa

Nearly immediately we encountered an unexpected sight.  An amish buggy on the highway!

2a - Amish Buggy

The night’s destination was Pikes Peak State Park – no, not the one in Colorado – which was in the quaint town of McGreggor, IA.  This little town had the misfortune of suffering some pretty severe tornado damage just two weeks ago!

3 - McGregor

3d - McGregor

Fortunately for us, though, the campground was unharmed and still open.  We set up camp and made a quick trip over the Mississippi River (into Wisconsin) for some propane and paper towels at a nearby Walmart.

4 - Camp Setup
We forgot to take a picture, so this was after the next morning’s breakdown.  You get the idea . . .

Burgers and dogs for dinner (it was so, so windy that we didn’t want to fight with the grill to heat our veggies), a glass of wine to warm up, and we were off to bed.

5 - Trip to Walmart
Limited wildlife sightings today.

Kabetogama, MN to McGreggor, IA – 475 miles (8 hours)

-Ally and Patrick

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