Day 17 – Narragansett, Here We Come!

Today’s our last day on the road. Although we’ll be meeting up with Ally’s family for a few days at the beach in Rhode Island, there will be no more driving after tonight!

Thanks to a goodnight’s sleep, we were energized for the long, 14-hour trek we had in front of us. We packed up our hotel room and hit the road by 8 AM. Fortunately, traffic leaving the Louisville area wasn’t bad (traffic going into the city, however, was a whole different story!).

Soon, we needed to stop for breakfast because we were both starving. (Those GoGurts are yummy, but don’t exactly provide the most sustinence…) So, we made a quick stop at a Panera (or St. Louis Bread Company as its called only in the St. Louis metro area) and were back on the road. Soon, we made it to West Virginia.


The “mountains” of WV were nothing like the mountains we had been seeing out west. But, the hills were nice and scenic just the same. Before we knew it, we were into the oft forgotten western part of Maryland.


After a quick stop at our first Chick-Fil-A (no political commentary here …), we made our way into the Keystone State.


During the drive, Ally wasn’t a huge fan of Patrick snoozing (after all, the long drive does get lonely—and even more tiring—when the passenger isn’t around to talk to), so we decided to make a little purchase.


This soundtrack would provide us with at least a few hours of new music, and reenergize us both for the second half of the day’s journey.

imagePatrick took over in Allentown, PA and drove all the way through New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Not wanting to stop, and waste the five minutes it takes to change drivers, he powered through all the way to Narragansett!

We beat our goal of a midnight arrival and pulled into the beach house at 11:35 PM.


Excited to be out of the car, we enjoyed some pasta and homemade meatballs (a signature vacation dinner that, although we had missed, was saved for us!).


After topping off with a delicious Donna Pitney chocolate chip cookie (or two …) for dessert, we were off to bed.


Tomorrow brings a delightful beach day at Narragansett Town Beach, with perfect weather expected for the rest of the week. (Be sure to check back in the coming days for a full trip recap!)


– Ally and Patrick
Louisville, KY to Narragansett, RI – 971 miles

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