Day 15 – Rock Chalk. Jayhawk.

We woke up around 7 and were happy to take another clean, non-camp shower. After packing up, the four us headed out to breakfast at a local diner Scott and Alyssa had not yet tried.


Conveniently named the “Great Scott Diner” (alas, no Back To The Future references inside), all the breakfasts were delicious and quickly devoured. After some digestion, and a few more cups of Patrick’s favorite diner coffee, Scott and Alyssa headed west for a day of hiking, and we headed east to go explore the great state of Kansas.


The drive was uneventful, and very, very straight. The state is not as boring as some might say, but nothing is as notable as a geyser or bison like we’ve seen in recent days. We did, however, pass by the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stop and nerd out at some presidential history.


We got to our destination, Clinton State Park, around 6:30 PM. The campground is located just outside Lawrence, KS–home to the University of Kansas.

When we arrived, the campground was empty. Although there was an attendant at the gate to take our money, there was almost no one at any of the sites.


No complaints, though, because it was very peaceful—and allowed us to see more wildlife, this time deer!


We started dinner and attempted to dry out the tent (and its frigid, dew-covered rainfly) from our hurried packing at Yellowstone. After dinner, we set up Turtle and headed to Lawrence proper to check out the campus and see what the downtown had to offer.


We stopped at “Free State Brewing Company”—the first brewery in KS since prohibition—for some beer. Patrick chose the “Stormchaser IPA and Ally opted for the “Garden Party,” apparently it tasted like drinking a basil pizza. (I guess that sort of thing is yummy…)


Once our glasses were empty, we went back to camp and hit the hay. Tomorrow’s a long haul to Lousiville, KY—and a hotel!

– Ally and Patrick
Broomfield, CO to Lawrence, KS – 591 miles

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