Day 14 – Family Hotels Are The Best Hotels.

Our day started around 5:30 AM. We slowly woke up, then got to packing our bags and sleeping pads. When we emerged from the tent, we were met by cold and brisk air. Although it was actually a bit enjoyable—given that we slept with long pants and long sleeves—the water condensation on the tent’s rain fly was torture. Our fingers felt like icicles as we tried to deal with packing up the tent. As we got in Bullseye to start our drive, we noticed the thermometer read 38 degrees—no wonder the water was so cold!

The drive was extremely long, clocking in at about 10 hours. Fortunately, we saw some pretty interesting geography throughout Wyoming. Once we entered Colorado, we were both surprised at how flat it was, but just had to remember the Rocky Mountains are further west. (Check out the whole drive, condensed to 4 minutes, below!)

Our destination today was Patrick’s cousin Scott’s, and his girlfriend Alyssa’s, apartment in the Denver suburb of Broomfield. During the drive, we searched for an oil change and found a Walmart Auto Center less than a quarter mile from their apartment! We dropped the truck off for his appointment, went shopping to refill the cooler, and then made the short walk to Scott and Alyssa’s.

We were greeted by two welcoming hosts! Scott came down to let us in and Alyssa met us in the kitchen of their immaculate apartment. We checked out their pad, enjoyed a bit of the balcony view, and caught up, until the oil change was done. Once Patrick got the call, we got the truck, and grabbed our clothes. (Taking a real shower, without the need for sandals or dealing with gunky curtains was glorious. Thanks guys!)

After “freshening up,” the four of us headed to Boulder for dinner. Scott and Alyssa brought us to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery, which is famous for its pizza-cookie dessert—aptly named a “Pizookie.” Although they may have been a bit disappointed we had been to a BJ’s before, we were both very excited because (a) we had never actually eaten a meal there, and (b) it meant we had Pizookie’s in our future!

Once dinner was finished, we went back to the apartment and hung out in the hot tub for a bit. Despite the 95 degree day-time-weather, the warm water was a welcome relaxation after a long day of driving. We soaked and chatted till about 11 PM, when the Paul Blart security guard made his rounds and sent us inside.

It was then quickly to bed as we have another early morning and long trip to Lawrence, KS ahead of us.

– Ally and Patrick

Yellowstone National Park to Broomfield, CO – 551 miles

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