Day 7 – “Uhh, Do We Have Money For The Toll?”

What a glorious night’s sleep in a real bed!  We had a slow start to our day following our late night on the town.  Even though we left Vancouver much later than we had hoped and had a long drive ahead, we weren’t too worried, knowing we had reservations for a site at Lake Louise Campground in Banff National Park.  Our first stop after departing the hotel was a Tim Horton’s by Ally’s request for coffee and Timbits (too bad they don’t make the mini donuts like they used to!).  Patrick is a convert—Tim Horton’s makes awesome coffee.  Not far along in our drive we started seeing signs for a toll bridge.  We decided to take the last exit before the toll, knowing we didn’t have any cash (Canadian or otherwise) and explored the backcountry of Canada for a bit.  Eventually we made our way back to “The 1” (Trans-Canada Highway).  The scenery was wonderful, and some areas are so remote—the main highway is only one lane each direction!

We stopped in Kamloops for groceries to sustain us through our 3 nights in the Rockies, as well as a new hatchet for Patrick.  (His response: “It’s like Christmas!”)

At some point on our (very) long drive we realized we would be crossing a time zone.  Fortunately, the sun stays up super late.  We arrived to the park at 9pm, which was actually 10pm local time, and the sun was still hanging on the horizon. 

It was after standard check-in time when we pulled in, but the ranger was super friendly and helpful—she gave us a map, showed us our site, and provided us with the 411 about the electric fences surrounding the campground (helps to keep the grizzly bears out).

We located our site, quickly set up camp, and then made dinner. It was then off to bed under the bright glow of a “supermoon.”  Lots to explore the next few days, but in the mean time, it’ll be nice to slow down and sleep in!

– Ally and Patrick

Vancouver, BC to Lake Louise, AB – 521 miles

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