Day 5 – OregON or OregIN? Either Way, We’re In Washington.

We had another early morning today, and were on the road by 6:00 AM.  We grabbed a couple of muffins from the inn at check out, and stopped for some very large coffees (and a lackluster McGriddle to split) from McDonald’s before getting back on “The 5.”  Lots of driving today, and not too many exciting events. Although, we did add two new states to our list!

Once of the few bright spots in today’s drive was our stop in Portland, OR for lunch.  Thanks to the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives website we found a great sandwich shop, Bunk Bar, conveniently located next-door to Hair of the Dog Brewery. 

Patrick went with Guy Fieri’s pick, a pork belly reuben (so delicious!) and Ally chose a tasty horseradish roast beef sandwich that was a mix between the Jaws II from Box Lunch up at the Cape, and a sandwich straight from Meme’s kitchen. No complaints here!

We then split a flight of tasters at the brewery and got back on the road to Mt. Rainier.

Soon after entering Washington, we saw some imposing landscapes. Both Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier were impressive!

When we arrived at the campground in the National Park, we realized we didn’t which site was ours—although we had reservations, we didn’t think to save that information from our email before cell service disappeared. Luckily, we found a helpful ranger who directed us to the “reserved” loops where we would find our site labeled with our name. 

This was definitely our favorite site so far. It was awesome because of how different it was from the many others we’ve had, complete with a private terrace for our tent!

We quickly gathered some kindling before the sun went down, then set up camp and cooked dinner.  (Pasta and meatballs tonight!)  Unlike previous nights, we were probably the last ones to retire to our tent—too much planning to do for tomorrow! 

We set an alarm for 4:45 AM, in hopes to see the sunrise from the trail.

– Ally and Patrick

Williams, CA to Mt. Rainier National Park – 686 miles

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