On The Road Again . . .

Three years ago yesterday, we left Connecticut and headed to San Diego to see what California had to offer. After three years, countless internships, innumerable job applications, a law degree, two bar exams, and one new teaching position, we’re back on the road!

As some of you may recall, in 2011, we spent 12 days going the “southern” route across the country.

This summer, we’re going to take 16 days and head the “northern” route. We plan to leave Sunday, August 3rd, and hope to arrive at Narragansett, RI, by midnight on Tuesday, August 19th.

As you can see, there are a bunch of National Parks in our future. However, untamed wilderness and rustic backcountry aren’t exactly teeming with WiFi connectivity, so we’ll post as frequently as we can—ideally, once a day. But, don’t be surprised if you get a couple of posts all at once.

Of note, Patrick’s Dad (“Papa Pete”) and Nephew, Caleb, also flew out to help move our stuff back! After we load up the U-Haul, the two of them will be wandering across the country, apart from us, hoping to find their way back to Connecticut. Be sure to follow their adventures at calebandpapapete.tumblr.com!

– Ally & Patrick

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