Day 12 – “What’s that?” … “That’s Mexico!”

After a restful night’s sleep at Aunt Ellie & Uncle Mike’s, we were on the final leg of our trip – to San Diego!  We grabbed a quick shower, loaded up the truck with CLEAN laundry and hit the road. We were happy to spend a little bit more time with Ellie and the kids before they were off to school and we were on the road…they brought us to a place they like to stop for breakfast – Einstein Bros. Bagels. Needless to say, it’s now one of our favorite treat spots (it still has nothing on Back Bay Bagel co.)  Thanks again Ellie & Mike! 

On the road again, although we didn’t get too far before we needed to turn around for a forgotten piece of garbage, I mean a Yankees hat. Eventually we were on the road for real and we continued through hours of desert before reaching the California state line!  We were ecstatic to be in Cali and so close to the west coast, we found it fitting to rock out and sing aloud the words “California here we come!”

We drove along I-10 as well as I-8…not sure we’ve ever seen so many different landscapes in one drive. From city, desert, mountains, and pure sand, we drove through them all. 

We even passed by Mexico! You could actually see the border fence from the highway!  After a few nerve wracking stops by border patrol (not sure why it was nerve wracking, we obviously weren’t hiding anything – or anyone) we were on to the final stretch. 

We had no true destination once we reached San Diego, so we drove through some of the different neighborhoods. We had a few apartment viewings in Pacific Beach lined up for the day of our arrival, so we had our work cut out!  After seeing some great, as well as not so great apartments, we had lots to think about as we settled in for the night.  Thanks to Aunt Joanne (JoJo) Goode for all her help…we ended up staying at a hotel on Rosecrans St…hotels fill up quickly on the weekends! 

–  Ally and Patrick

Phoenix, AZ to San Diego, CA – 369 miles

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