Day 6 – Houston, We (Don’t) Have A Problem!

Yum! The breakfast at the hotel was excellent. Other than dozens of children running around and being loud, the self-serve waffle maker and bagels were very satisfying and gave us a great start to our day. After check out, we hopped in the truck and headed for Baton Rouge to have a beignet snack with Casey and Kristin. On the way, Bubba’s sister Emily reminded him of the Garth Brook’s classic “Callin’ Baton Rouge” so after yesterday’s Dave Matthews’ themed ride, today was going to be Garth Brooks. We rocked out and enjoyed what little country songs we had on our iPods. Soon, we were at ‘Coffee Call’ catching up w/ Casey and Kristin and hearing about their stories in New Orleans just a couple days before. It was great to see both of them and great to get some more beignets before we left Louisiana!

            We filled up the truck and once again were on our way – this time to Houston, TX! On the highway, we drove over more swamps and bayous (are those two words synonyms?) until it felt like that’s all we’d ever see. Eventually we were into Texas and had just a couple more hours to our day’s trip. A sign we passed said “Welcome to Texas. Larger than New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio – combined.” Sure hope it’s interesting! The thermometer read 104 and there it will most likely stay for the rest of our trip as we pass through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the desert of California.

            At around 4:30 PM, we called up Nick to tell him we were there – it felt great to finally be out of the truck! After meeting his girlfriend, Kristin, catching up a bit and seeing his place, we decided on dinner…we were torn between getting some Mexican food and good ole’ Texas BBQ. We figured we’d have plenty of opportunity for Tex-Mex and southwestern cooking the rest of our trip & time in San Diego, so we headed to the Goode Co. Texas Barbeque. We enjoyed BBQ beef brisket sandwiches, some spicy pork sausage and a few sides that well, we’re not quite sure what they were…delicious nonetheless!

            We were headed to the Wichita Falls, TX area the next morning, and Nick was off to Germany, so we called it a night pretty early.  On the way back to Nick’s we stopped to rent Anchorman, since Ally had never seen it (although she knew MANY one liners from it).

More Texas tomorrow…

New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX – 360 miles 

-Ally and Patrick 

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