Day 4 – Millions of Peaches (Not for free!)

Who ever thought bunk beds could be so comfortable?!  Thanks again Josh for everything! After a great night’s sleep in the air conditioning we were on the road to a destination unknown. We originally thought of getting an early start and driving the 11 hours to New Orleans, but after getting a later start than anticipated, we decided to take our time and spend a night somewhere in Alabama.  There wasn’t much to see in South Carolina other than more mountains and forests…and surprisingly LOTS of peach signs. 

Once we made our way into Georgia, our adventure became a bit more exciting; we drove through Atlanta and dealt with their traffic & construction nightmare. (By construction they mean one man cleaning a bridge with a power washer while 2 others sit back and watch).  Atlanta had 7 lane highways in each direction, and we were able to see TBS Headquarers, Turner Field and the Centennial Olympic Park from the highway.  We decided to take a little break and check out Auburn University. We thought we’d see if Cam Newton was taking summer classes. (Ha!)  We took a walk through campus, went into their HUGE football stadium, student union and bookstore. 

Ally was intrigued by the Severe Weather Shelter Area signs scattered throughout the building – we were just outside Tornado Alley. 

While on our stroll we were stopped by some tourists for directions…I guess we look like we belong in Alabama? A bookstore employee even thought Patrick was a new volleyball coach.

We were happy to get back into the air conditioned truck to finish the day’s leg of the trip – just over an hour remained until we made it to Montgomery.  Ally, being the weather nut that she is was glued to the Weather Channel app as soon as she spotted some distant thunderheads (Donna said no tornado chasing).  With the strong storms on the radar, some severe thunderstorm warnings in the area and hail reported, we decided against camping – we spent the night at a hotel taking advantage of their wireless internet and TV (shark week!)  We also were able to fit in a game of Yahtzee, with the terms that winner could pick a movie off Netflix. Patrick had some beginner’s luck and kicked Ally’s butt, however Ally promptly fell asleep and Patrick was able to watch some of the Yankees game on his phone. 

New Orleans bound tomorrow!

Arden, NC to Montgomery, AL – 383 miles

-Ally and Patrick

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