Day 2 – We got cows…

Driving and Driving.

Tuesday was pretty much all driving. After having a delicious Gramma Nell breakfast, we headed out on the road. We followed I-81 down NY, through the never-ending state that is Pennsylvania and then quick trips through Maryland and West Virginia before getting into Virginia. As we’re going through these states, we notice that the welcome signs don’t necessarily express their mottos as you might expect. For example: West Virginia: “Wild and Wonderful.” Really? Wonderful? They’re gunna stick with that one? How bout Virginia – “Open for Business.” Go ahead, insert your own joke here.

We got to Front Royal, VA and were able to find the campground pretty much no problem but the access road to the campground happened to travel right through a cow pasture. (More on this later.)

We got checked in and set up camp with no issue and then headed out to Wal-Mart to get some groceries for the next few days. On our way back we stopped at a couple of motels advertizing ‘Free Wi-Fi’ but alas, it did not work. Not even the McDonald’s had Wi-Fi! So, sorry about the delay in posting.

Upon returning to the campground however, we hit a bit of a road block.

Remember that cow pasture I mentioned? Well, these cows seemed to be grazing on gravel. Not only were two calves chillin in the road, but four or five big mommas were lining the road staring us down. We tried flashing our lights but that didn’t just seem to make a bit of difference and we were afraid to honk the horn cause we didn’t want to start a stampede or anything. So we just waited. And waited. After several teases the calves decided to move over just enough to fit the truck through and we were off.

We had seen on the radar that rain was moving in, but weren’t sure as to when; so we had been hurrying around since we passed the bovine guards. Chicken and Rice Pilaf dinner was prepared by headlamp-light and enjoyed by lantern-light then quickly cleaned up. We got into the sauna of a tent, tried to set up our fan to make it somewhat effective and fell asleep. (No rain. Yet…) 

Sylvan Beach to Front Royal, VA – 424 mi.

– Ally and Patrick

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