Day 1 – Road Trippin’ It

After months of tough decision making, planning, packing, and tears – the day finally came! Yesterday was no doubt one of the hardest days for us as it meant leaving behind our families and the comforts of home to start a new chapter together. As many people said, it’s definitely an exciting time – but no doubt very, very scary too.

We left East Windsor at around 10:30 – but not before having to go back for a forgotten item (Bubba’s Suit).

The first leg of the journey was up to Sylvan Beach, NY which is on the east end of Oneida Lake and hang out with Bubba’s Family. It was only about a 4-hr drive but after the long days both of us had been going through dealing with boxes, trying to sort out 20+ years of belongings and emotional ‘see you laters’, a little nap was well deserved after enjoying a round of yummy Cranberry-Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip cookies. (Thanks Ally’s Mom!)

We arrived to ‘The Oneida’ at about 4 and were able to spend the afternoon relaxing on the back porch looking over the lake with Uncle Whitey and Michael and catching a quick nap on Uncle Steve’s couch. (Thanks for letting us sleep!)

The evening was spent enjoying some drinks courtesy of Aunt Sue and a delicious home-made meal all while taking in the awesome sunset. 

After everyone was full, we all got together to take a family photo – but we had to be quick otherwise we might miss the “Ladybug Concert” put on by Joseph, Eliza, William, Abby, and Keely; all with a little help from Big Cousin Meagan. Finally, the night was wrapped up by learning a new card game (Kings in the Corner) and remembering just how long it takes to play a full game of Phase 10. (Sorry we didn’t finish!)

Thanks to everyone at Sylvan Beach for making us feel welcomed and providing us with delicious food too! Special shout out to Aunt Marie for tracking down that air mattress.

Tomorrow’s journey is to Front Royal, VA in the Shenandoah National Park.

East Windsor to Sylvan Beach, NY – 235 mi.

– Ally and Patrick

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