Going Away Party

Well, it’s the first day of our trip and we’re finally getting around to writing about our Going Away Party.

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who was able to attend and even a warm thanks to those who couldn’t make it but still called and sent their well-wishes. (I’m looking at you Casey Burnham.) It’s awesome that so many family members were able to make it and we look forward to seeing all of you at Christmas time. J I ‘appreciate’ all those who ‘Iced’ me (Tom & Scott) and the games of Wiffle Ball were awesome! I hope everyone was able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and soak up some sunshine. For those whose came later, we had a great time with the bonfire! (Also a special thanks to Mike & Liz for bringing buffalo chicken dip! Send some to SD? Please? Lol.)

Just a final thought, thank you to everyone for the generous gifts we received. They will definitely be used and are a huge help in starting this journey off right. We love you all!

           Ally and Bubba

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